Sample Edits


I get it. Trust is earned. Even an excellent editor isn’t the right fit for every book, and you don’t want to commit your budget blindly. That’s why I offer 3-5 pages of sample edits, enough to give you a feel for my editing skills and style.

If you want a sample edit, here’s what I’ll need to know . . .

Introduce Yourself

Who am I working with? What’s your experience with writing? What are you most looking for in an editor? 

Introduce Your Book

What is this book about? What kind of reader is it for? If you’ve drafted a back cover copy, send that to me. If you don’t have that yet, write up a quick pitch. It’s okay if this is one of your first times pitching your story—it’s a good skill to practice, and editing is a time for learning.

What Edits Are You Interested In?

Are you looking for a substantive edit? A copyedit? A proofread? All three? Tell me what you think you need most.

Once I get your message, I’ll let you know our next steps!

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