Hello! My name is Tim Pietz—a.k.a., the InkSword Editor.

Growing up, I was known as “that kid who was always reading.” At age 8, I finished Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone in less than 24 hours. At age 12, I read through Tolkien’s The Return of the King in a single day. Naturally, I was concerned I would run out of good books if I continued reading at this pace, so I had no choice but to pursue a career in publishing.

I knew I loved writing, but after joining a writer’s group, I discovered I also enjoyed . . . editing? Weren’t editors those gray, joyless creatures that lurked behind mahogany desks, scratching and scarring writers’ dreams with red ink? 

It turns out editors are something completely different.

An editor is the first person you trust with your rough draft, the voice of encouragement and wisdom to guide you on your way. They correct commas, true, but they also help your sentences sing and your characters spring to life. And when you write something beautiful, your editor is the first to let you know.

I decided I wanted to be that kind of editor. So, I studied up.

I graduated from Taylor University summa cum laude with dual bachelor’s degrees in Professional Writing and Strategic Communication. Professional Writing’s focus on the publishing industry gave me a huge head start, and Strategic Communication built a foundation for working with clients.

Since then, I’ve had the privilege of writing, editing, and/or marketing for Tyndale House, Salem Media, Wheaton Press, Mountain Brook Ink, and various authors.

It isn’t easy working in the publishing industry, but every time someone reads a book because of me, it’s worth it.