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The pen is mightier than the sword. But like a sword, it takes practice to wield it well.

My name is Tim Pietz, and I’m the InkSword Editor. I’m here to sharpen your sentence structure to help your words cut cleanly. I’m here to point you to your target audience so your message strikes true.

Whether you’re an aspiring author still learning the map of the publishing industry or a published veteran looking for a fresh voice of feedback, I offer honest, friendly edits to help you in your quest for publication.

Wander my website. Investigate my About page. Explore my blog of publishing advice. Peruse reviews from authors who have walked before you. And should you have a question for the InkSword Editor, I’m only a contact form away!

About Me

My Services

Substantive Edit

Cut to the heart of your message with a complete analysis of your manuscript! Includes detailed comments throughout the manuscript as well as a 5+ page written summary. (Fiction and nonfiction.)


Tight on budget? Unsure of your path to publication? Let a critique lead the charge with a concise written analysis of your manuscript or proposal. (Fiction and nonfiction.)


Protect yourself from typos, punctuation errors, and unclear sentences by gearing up with a Chicago Manual of Style copyedit.


A final shield against errors that undermine your manuscript's professionalism.

Client Testimonials

"Tim stood out from about a dozen other freelancers that requested to work on my project. He told me in great detail exactly what he could do and he delivered on every promise! . . . Overall, it was such a pleasant and uplifting experience working with Tim; always responding promptly, patient and understanding. I won't hesitate to call on his services again."
— Jeffery N.
"I could not have been more pleased with [Tim's] knowledge, professionalism, and work product. He provided incredibly helpful and thoughtful feedback on my novel manuscript. I intend to use Tim's services again following the next re-write and encourage any aspiring writer to consider him."
— Hallie C.
"Great experience working with Tim. He's a capable and accurate editor. He knew just how much editing to bring to the job. Not too much, not too little. Great line edits, but also comments that helped improve writing in places. 100%. Highly recommended!"
— Joe S.

Why Choose Me?


I hold a degree specific to the publishing industry and have work experience with fiction and nonfiction publishers.


No upselling, no false praise, just honest advice. I put your book, your budget, and your readers first.


I work with authors, not against them. I’m here to build you up and help you hone your craft.


I keep my rates at or below EFA median rates. My substantive edits are particularly affordable.

We're willing to throw down the gauntlet . . .